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CANON MP1411-LTSC deskcalculator print 14-digit display and two-colored ink jet printing on ribbon

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CANON MP1411-LTSC deskcalculator print 14-digit display and two-colored ink jet printing on ribbon (2497B001)

CANON MP1411-LTSC deskcalculator print 14-digit display and two-colored ink jet printing on ribbon

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Saatavilla arviolta 7.12.2020

Canon MP1411-LTSC

This fast, 14-digit, 2-colour ink ribbon printing calculator offers comprehensive tax, business and currency conversion functions. It has a large 2-colour display and a smart, silver metallic finish.


  • 14-digit, 2-colour ink ribbon printing calculator
  • Time-saving tax, business, currency conversion and cash change functions
  • Large, 2-colour, backlit display
  • Spacious keyboard layout for heavy-duty use
  • Stylish silver metallic finish

14-digit, 2-colour printing with tax, business and currency conversion functions

High speed, high quality, 2-colour printing
Professional office users will welcome the productive performance of this heavy duty calculator. Benefit from a fast print speed of 4.3 lines per second. 2-colour printing ensures positive figures stand out clearly in black and negative in red.

Tax, business and currency conversion functions
Simplify complex calculations and save time. Determine tax rate differentials at touch, thanks to two handy tax calculation keys. Work out your profit margins automatically with cost-sell-margin keys, without the need for complex formulae. Also convert local currency into the currency of your choice, or vice versa, quickly and simply - using the currency conversion keys.

Full functionality
Take advantage of fast and accurate cash change calculations and constant calculations. The ‘command sign’ feature displays the calculator status automatically. Separate slide switch selectors for decimal, rounding, grand total and item count add to ease and overall functionality

Large, 2-colour backlit display
The large backlit LCD display offers high contrast and glare-free illumination for easy reading of figures at a glance. Large, legible Pure Green characters - shown against a black background - provide comfortable viewing even with constant use. Negative figures and errors are clearly shown in red.

Spacious keyboard layout
A spacious keyboard layout with large, durable colour-coded keys ensures fast, easy and virtually error-free entry of figures. Designed for effortless and reliable heavy-duty use, the calculator connects to standard AC mains power.

Stylish silver metallic finish
With its silver metallic finish and stylish, compact design the smart MP1411-LTSC brings a touch of sophistication to your office surroundings.



Printing Unit

  Printing Engine     Printing Method: Ink ribbon
Printing speed: 4.3 lines per second
  Printing Colour(s)     Two color (black & red)  


  Digits     14  
  Type     Large, easy to read, 2 color Back-light display (green for positive and red for negative numbers)  
  Calculation Command Sign Display     Yes  
  Digit Comma Separator     3 digits  
  Display Screen Size     102 x 20 mm  
  Display Character Size     15.7 x 5.09 mm  


  Business Function     Cost Sell Margin  
  Tax Function     Yes  
  Currency Conversion     Yes ( 3 values)  
  Constant Calculation     Yes  
  Decimal Selector     +02346F  
  Rounding     Round up/down/off  
  Grand Total     Yes  
  Item Counter     Yes  
  Change Function     Fast and easy cash change function  


  Keyboard     Stable stroke keyboard  
  Percentage     Percentage add-on/discount  
  0 Key(s)     Large 0 key, 00 key, 000 key  
  Keytops     Durable plastic keytops  
  Shift Key     Yes  
  GT Key     Yes  
  Total Key     Yes  
  Sub-total Key     Yes  
  Non-add # Key     Yes  


  Adding Machine Logic     Yes  
  Non-slip Rubber Pads     Yes  
  Slide Switches/Selectors     Decimal point selector, rounding, GT, Item, Power on/off, Print  
  Paper Holder     Metallic paper holder  


  Memory     1 + GT  
  Power Source     AC power  
  Battery     CR2032 (back-up)  
  Body Size     334 x 219 x 74.5 mm  
  Body Colour     Silver metallic  
  Weight     1.6kg  
  Packaging Info     GFB  


  Media Used     MP-57  


  Ink Ribbon     M-310/EP-102  

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