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MULTIBRACKETS Cable Cover White 18mm 1100mm

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MULTIBRACKETS Cable Cover White 18mm 1100mm (7350022731233)

MULTIBRACKETS Cable Cover White 18mm 1100mm

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Saatavilla arviolta 4.11.2019

M Universal Cable Cover White 18mm W - 1100mm L

7 350 022 731 233

Multibrackets unique M Universal Cable Cover.

Finally a solution that gives you the highest quality of cablehide to an equal aggressive pricepoint. Match the quality in your home cinema or hifi system with equal quality when hiding your recess wiring.

The M Universal Cable Cover is a super high quality aluminium trunking system with clean Nordic design and the solution for hiding all surface wiring or pipework and suitable for Scart, HDMI, CRT, VGA and other mains leads.

Different sizes and colours give everyone the possibility to individually choose their size and colour depending on need. Multibrackets has a large variety of choices in both colours and lengths.

The silver and black cable covers are manufactured out of adonised aluminium. The white cable cover is coated with white paint on the anodised surface.

The M Universal Cable Cover simply screws straight to the wall to give an effective and stylish finish to your hifi or tv mounting area.

Multibrackets storage and handling of aluminium parts.
It is important that aluminium is handled as little as possible from production to the customer. Consequently, Multibrackets have implemented a storage and transport solution ensuring a minimum product handling which guarantee optimal surface quality.


  • Size: 18x1100x12 mm (W*L*D)
  • Colour: White
  • Package weight: 0,60 kg
  • Distribution package: 24 pcs
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Suggested surrounding temperature: -15C to +65C

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